Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Weather has always been so fascinating to me. I love storms, yet I love sunshine, and everything in between. I went out to my backyard (which is like a jungle and forest all on its own) to get some pictures with my micro lens to see what I could come up with on a whim. Well here ya go, a whole lot of little water droplets and tiny creatures 🙂 DSC_0070DSC_0075DSC_0077

I was reading a blog the other day about finding what your comfort zone is, and trying to get yourself out of it to get a more broad range of photos. I’m starting to notice that my comfort zone is definitely close up shots, and fine details. I’m going to have to start trying to get more landscapes, and “the bigger picture” photos if I really want this new hobby of mine to grow. I just never seem to like the way those pictures turn out. Anyone have suggestions on how to transition myself to getting better landscape photos?

Thanks for reading!


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