In Case Anyone is Missing the Snow

I took a trip to Whitewater State Park this past winter which is where I really got to practice with my camera for the first time… in a place other than my living room.

Breaking the Glass


I had a really hard time deciding which of my photos to use from this setting. I love the look of the stream when it is completely motionless. Although there is always a calm before the storm..isn’t there?


The Bridge


This setting really caught my eye from the second I saw it. The moss up against the snow in the area was too cool to pass up! It actually took me quite some time to get this exact photo because the angle I wanted to be at was tricky. I’m learning fairly quickly that if I want the photo that im imagining, I’m going to have to get creative on ways to get there.


A Stick or a Tree?


This one is one of my favorites from the trip. The lines from the old dead tree crossing with the lines from the trees in the background really make it interesting. I guess I never answered the question about it being a tree or a stick…still not quite sure!


An Artistic Beaver


Check out the amazing detail that came from the beaver munching on this tree trunk!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos! I’m new to the blogging business (as of today actually), as well as photography, so if you have any suggestions for me I am very open and anxious to hear them!


Happy Blogging!


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