First blog post

FB_IMG_1499799686348Hello everyone! So this is my very first blog post..thank you for reading! I have had my Nikon for  about 4 years now and it sat in my closet all throughout nursing  school, unused, because I  just had no time! I recently graduated and finally got settled in my new job and was able to start learning about my camera!

I have always wanted to do photo blogging but never really had the chance to get started. I love taking shots of anything that I can find inspiration in. With the world problems we have these days,  I love trying to see positive perspectives in every photo,  every angle, and every scene in my photos.  Most of the photos you will see from me will be nature, scenic shots, architecture, and anything that really just catches my eye as a great photo.

I’m so excited to get started and progress with my camera! If anyone has any suggestions  for me that would make any of my posts a better read, I would really appreciate the feedback! I have already learned so much from reading some of your blogs out there and I can’t wait to see where this goes!



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